Ripped jeans crazy, me likey. I love it, I love it, I love it. The color, the amount of skin that’s out. Damn, def gonna add this to my collections. I love it. Jose Balvin, you my crush for the week.

Don’t mind the blurred photo, took a screenshot shot from their video. The party at Snoop’s was awesome. Got everything on their Snapchat. Mehn, I loved Snoop’s customised sweat shirt, but then I couldn’t ignore Demi Lovato’s ripped jeans. Dream pants. 

My woman crush, Sira Kante. Now this outfit, is a killer. Ugh! The prints.

Patience Ojili, this yellow outfit is a killer. The hair, she’s the one person that’s made me like something I’ve dreaded so much. For sure I’d carry this style on my head now, couldn’t before. The yellow is sleek,the nails blended. Make up on fleek… Babe, you slay.

Layo o… Her pre-birthday shoot was a hit. She slayed em all, I specially love the prints, I’m obsessed with this look. The make up artist did do an amazing job on her own make up. By the way, bookings for her makeup, contact me and I’ll let you know bout it.

So, I know I offended Karma, taking this opportunity to apologies though. This picture is bang, they both slay, I have a thing for her kimono though.

Okay, this outfit is a killer. Not just cause of the style, the color blended deeply with the style. The prints I’m tripping for, down to the nude sandals. Girl, you slay.

Dorcas Shola Fabson, I’m in it for the gown slay and all down to the hair and make up. But baby girl, the earrings got me over board. Bang picture, Bank style… Totally into it.

My fashion slayer… Patience Ojili again. She slayed her pre-birthday photos. By the way sweety, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE.  BTW it’s on 22nd May.