The wishes are coming in… I’m a bit late for you guys though, but then I was out celebrating.
Okay so 2016 was a great yeah for sure… I mean, apart from the recession going on in the country though, which I believe would be reduced greatly this year, there are deff memories that we’ll keep on going back to.
  I for sure have memories… I’ve made friends, friends I look up to, friends I look forward to talking to, texting and hanging out like every minute of the day, like I could never get tired of their nonsense.
   I have memories of stuff I did last year that’ll I’ll sure laugh at, some I’d wonder why I was naive, stupid, foolish or senseless and some I’d wish I could relive again this year and years to come. But that’s life and we get the best of it in each case, they are all either lessons or blessings.
I trip 2016 and look forward to 2017…..

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