Like literally, I can’t imagine a day without picking up my phone and taking a selfie. Like its become an obsession. Although, I’m not ready to stop it, in fact, I wanna grow on it. Here’s the cool thing about me taking selfies. I look at them and I’m like, is this me? Is this the girl I am or the girl I wanna be. Most times, I feel like I see the girl I wanna be and feel amazed at how much my selfies reflect my inside. Yes, strong, positive, vibrant and smooth. No joke there, y’all can see it. Plus then, I’m am instagram freak and I update my page like literally everyday, not that I feel like a Kylie Jenner or something, but then, I’m free to.


Before my selfies weren’t always strong and shits like that that, but then I got to discover apps which made them dope. I literally combine the four basic apps I use. I literally can’t imagine myself completely saving a photo without going through my four selfie editing apps: Snapchat, vsco, photogrid, Instagram.
Yeah, they are all available on play store for androids, iPhone you know shit, and mobo market too.

I use snap camera with its filters to take my selfies, the face contouring filter being my best.

I edit its appearance on VSCO, I.e, make them sharper, edit contrast and all shits. Vsco is rather technical cause you’d have to know how to combine all the features,e.g,  saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness, highlight and all that, but it’d worth the stress.

This basically gives me that insta size photos but good thing about it is the background, I get to choose different patterns instead of just going for the black and white.

Instagram filters are so dope. But sometimes you realise VSCO has already done the job insta filters should do. But sometimes you realise even with the VSCO, a particular insta filter gives that selfie an edgy look.


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