I have written an article on this before, #obvi but thing is, I can’t get enough of this. For a short Nigerian girl, having the hair is the basic print in the figure. I know being light skinned is a unique print too, but then, the hair is it.
  Basically, growing up as an African, or specifically put, a Nigerian child, considering primary and secondary school where extensions were not allowed, I had to keep up with the natural hair. I was one of the girls with the longest hair at that time. I was proud of the length and all, and I’d boost about it and others would admire. Yeah, until it’s time to comb and all.


as an African child, I’ve had issues that has got to do with the texture of my hair. Its tough. It tangles easily and in addition to it, I’ve got a sensitive scalp.

In secondary school, I had to braid myself almost all the time. Especially during the harmattan season when its at it’s peak of harshness. I couldn’t bear the pain of someone else handling my hair, not knowing the amount of pains I receive. I specially had issues with relaxers because, at most times, they never worked, my hair kept the same texture even after carrying the relaxer on for two hours which is abnormal.


At a point, I moved over to foreign relaxers, my hair texture improved, but then it started a long period of breakage. I’ve got no height, so my hair was literally almost my pride. I couldn’t bear the breakage. I had to go back to local relaxers.

I started to fix a lot if weavons, it was all easier and less stressful. But then weavons started getting more expensive. Especially if you wanna look the way I wanna look.

My hair, turned Brown, I forgot to mention. And black hair is literally everything.


At a point I wanted my hair to be black, no matter the texture, nor the length. It was my priority. I couldn’t dye the hair, my mum would kill me. I settled for a hair dye relaxer, ‘Ebony’, a local relaxer.
  Ebony did actually do the work for me. Made my hair look sleek and dark. But this sleek look didn’t last long.

I’ve got a bald hair, in front, my best friend use to say. I was always advised not to add styling agents like gel and edge control, saying it cuts the hair. I ain’t arguing that fact. But with the proper gels and controls and method, you would accept the cutting for it. Although it doesn’t cut mine.


After secondary school, I obvi became more mature and aware of my body and knew exactly what I wanted my looks to be like. I started paying special attentions to the basic highlights of my body, my skin tone and hair of course. I realized the African culture and way of life could possible always be the best. I braid most of the times. Three months straight, I’m on braids, fix weavons on the holidays. I realized keeping my hair constantly in made form made it longer and easier to carry about. I’m stuck to my foreign relaxer now, cause I realized there’s a way round everything, secret is washing a week after relaxing. Not keeping it on for long. Now my hair is softer, sleek. Although the dark color isn’t really there cause, it’s brown. I’m cool with it, basically cause it’s usually in made form. After all, I’m in Nigeria, the weather doesn’t really support its growth.
Besides, I’m fair so I can carry any color of hair on, from green to red all that. I guess I got some good traits in.

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