Growing up as a child, my environment thought me, “life without a passion is like being at a lonely junction with no choice of path to take”.

Your passion literally determines the choice of future career you’d be successful in, in life. It with your capabilities determine what you can do. Stories of many professionals in books who left to chase their passion. Take one , Rebel Wilson, the pitch perfect star, a graduate of law widely known because of her acting skills in the hit american movie.


Career path is an area in African many people tend to take for granted these days ESP in Nigeria. Taking how difficult it is to get admission into higher institutions and the financial trauma the country is facing.  Either they go for courses that are way above their league, like medicine just because of high pay, or they go for the lower ones just because that’s what they were given.
   In the truest sense, non is above or below a league. Your success is determined by how much of your spirit is in it. The zeal and the love.


Some others have passion in areas outside of the four walls of a school and let those dreams go for certificate sakes.
   I know I’d not survive a week without being behind a camera, be it a selfie or a shoot. My world literally revolves around that. I’ve got my optometry to study too, that’s for the books. But I know in this two, I’d never give a single of them up for anything else cause they both are what keep me driving in life. Why? Cause the feeling is mutual and not forced. I find a way to combine both passion and not let any ruin the shine of the other. I live, I breath my passion, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I breath and I slay

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